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Product characteristics:
Full metal frame
Adjustable smart extruder
Auto power off
Multifunction keyboard
Power supply for gearmotors
Heated plate
Large build volume of 300 x 250 x 300 mm
High resolution
Filament detection system
3D printing at temperatures up to 350 ° C
Continuous 3D printing in the event of a power outage
Entire construction area closed

Product Description

CreatBot DX, solid 3D printer with two print heads. The printer is offered semi-closed with transparent walls.
Additionally, the CreatBot DX has a heated glass 3D printing plate and a Bowden-style extruder. This premium quality extruder has stepper motors positioned at the rear of the production machine, resulting in a lightweight extrusion head assembly that enables high-speed 3D printing.
CreatBot DX prints beautifully on PLA and ABS *, as well as other filaments like PP or PC *. Manufactured with high-tech filaments that include soluble HIPS and PVA. With CreatBot DX, you buy a great machine for engineering, additive manufacturing, and training. Make complex objects for production work, large architectural models, sculptures, masks and accessories. It is your choice what to build.
Metal frame
A 3D printer requires some weight to ensure stable operation. Therefore, all metal chassis are the best form of 3D printing.
Smart adjustable extruder
CreatBot extruders have an intelligent cooling system, this ensures that the filament is always fed at the optimum temperature. Height-adjustable nozzles allow you to align the two nozzles quickly and easily. Perfect when you want to 3D print with support, different material or just two colors. All 3D Prima CreatBots are equipped as standard with dual extruders.
Auto power off
CreatBot DX is equipped with a power management module. When the production process is complete and no action is taken within 5 minutes, the printer shuts down. Very useful and very energy efficient. Save energy and money.
Multifunction keyboard
CreatBot DX has a multi-function keyboard. This simplifies management and direct access to many of the most commonly used functions, including Z-axis up / down, hotplate warm-up / cool, pause, resume 3D printing, SD card navigation, and more.
Power supply for gearmotors
A gear motor can produce more torque than the general stepper motor. This ensures that the feeding of the filament is always smooth and that the contraction is perfect.
Warm bed in ceramic panels
On top of a silica heating plate is a wonderful ceramic plate that is more expensive than glass. However, it provides better heat distribution and more even heat. The ceramic plate is very smooth and offers excellent adhesion.
Large build volume
The DX boasts its impressive 300 x 250 x 300mm build volume. That large volume is more than enough for most manufacturers. This means that you can make your creations 30 cm high and with a resolution of 0.04 mm.
Filament detection system
If you run out of filaments during the process, don’t worry. This 3D printer will go into pause mode and allow you to change filament, so just hit Resume, easy!
High temperature 3D prints
The nozzles can operate at temperatures up to 350 ° Celsius. This means that a wide variety of different filaments can be used. In addition, it provides a very stable temperature during additive manufacturing.
Continuous printing
In the event of an unexpected power failure, CreatBot DX remembers the last known position, stores it, lowers and retracts the filament. When power returns, your CreatBox DX resumes 3D printing.
Completely enclosed building space
In this 3D printer, you have a completely enclosed build space that prevents large 3D prints from cracking or warping.
In the frame:
CreatBot DX with dual extruder
Packed in a wooden box
1 x SD card
1 x USB cable
1 x power cord
1 x tool kit
1 x manual
2 spools of 1 kg 3.00 mm of filament
Cura software on SD card
With CreatBot DX, you buy a great value dual extruder 3D printer that can process ABS, PP, nylon and other filaments that tend to warp.

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